Supporting our Families

Families are referred to us from various sources. Most are from health visitors, but others are from social workers, mental health workers, Children’s Centre support workers, schools, maternity services and even self referrals.

Families need our support for a variety of reasons. Families can be; isolated, suffering from mental health issues or post natal depression, single parents, victims of domestic violence, alcohol/drug abuse etc.

Our volunteers who are parents/step-parents/foster carers undertake a 10 week course of preparation, to arm them with the skills and information that they may need to help them support a family.

These volunteers then visit vulnerable families in their own home for 3 hours a week, working with parents to create a nurturing environment for their child/children, with the aim of giving these children the best possible start in life. Practical help can include; helping manage a disability or mental illness in the family, managing child behaviour, developing coping strategies for grief or depression, getting in touch with organisations that can offer additional support, becoming a good role model, managing finances, preparing nutritious meals on a budget, assisting with visits to doctors/child development centre.  Quite simply it is ‘one parent supporting another’.

If you need help, please call Steph on 01925 652320 for a confidential chat or click Self Referral Form 2020 to complete our online self-referral form. If you would like to refer a family who needs help, please complete our Referral Form 2020
Click on our ‘Reach the Family, Reach the Child‘ video for more information on how we support families.